Friday, September 9, 2011

Beer of the week: St. Cloud Belgian White

Beer score: 2.2
Web site: St. Cloud
ABV: 5.4
IBU: 12
Has a light, dirty straw color to it as it comes out of the bottle and hits the glass. The smell is kind of noxious, and the taste doesn't improve it any. There's some citrus accents in the smell, just a little, and that is stronger in the flavor once you sip. There's a little bit of a wheat taste here, but that's overpowered by a sour bitterness that quickly explodes any potential for this beer to be good. Honestly, this is without a doubt the worst beer with the words "Belgian White" on its label that I've ever had. This stuff is made by Winery Exchange, a supplier of premium beers to grocery stores and other such markets, and I'm thinking they should stick to the wine business.


  1. Not as bad as this guy says. I picked it up for $6.99 (6 pack) at Whole Foods. Not the greatest, but better than national brands that are close in price, a little bit strong alcohol wise, and definetly better than Blue Moon (made by Coors)that has a orangy flavor that does not belong in a beer. This stuff tastes like beer, not some snobish crap made for people who don't know what beer is supposed to taste like.

  2. I got this on sale for $4.99 from Whole Foods (6 pk/bottles). Most of the sub $5 beer you find is undrinkable slop so I decided to take a chance on this. It was actually pretty good, although the bitter finish doesn't really belong in a Belgian white or hefe. Have I had better? Yeah. Have I had better for under five bucks? Not really.