Thursday, May 13, 2010


Beer score: 3.9
Web site: Cerveza Caguama
The bottle actually calls this beer "Cerveza Caguama," but I figured anyone looking it up would call it Caguama. This wet brew comes from El Salvador. The bottle has a little story on the back that, in short, explains a Caguama is a powerful turtle prized by villagers of Central America as a symbol of good luck; there's even a drawing of a turtle on the bottle. This drink isn't bad and is quite reminiscent of Corona, Tequiza and other similar Centeral and South American brews. This one might be a little wetter than the others, though. Comes with a goodly amount of carbonation, but not too much to hurt you until you're near the end of the bottle. Goes well with beans and peppers.

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