Monday, June 6, 2011

Beer of the week: Sierra Nevada Glissade

Beer score: 8.2
Web site: Sierra Nevada
ABV: 6.4
IBU: 42

Quite possibly the perfect beer for hot weather. Has a smooth, fruity quality and a light texture that makes this an awesome brew for summer. The label on the bottle calls this a "Golden Bock." Basically, this is Sierra Nevada's seasonal brew for the Spring. Has a light bitterness on the tongue. There is a touch of sweetness right at the beginning, but that dies away after the first sip, though that sweat, almost honey-like, quality is still present in the scent. As of this tasting, my favorite Sierra Nevada beer. Don't let the high bitterness ranking fool you, because I didn't find this to be an overly strong beer in bitter territory; must be a fine trick with malts to have such a smooth beer with such a high bitterness units rank.


  1. A little late posting this. Most places have run out.

  2. This is just the kind of beer I've been looking for for quite sometime now. It has everything I would want in a bier. Not too heavy in content, sweet on the tongue, also smooth, just the kind of bier I want. Thank you.