Saturday, July 10, 2010


Beer score: 1.2
Web site: Schaefer Beer
The label has the word "beer" on it, but I'm still skeptical. There is little taste here except for a cheap American flavor that vaguely floats around the back of your mouth. There is a lot of fizz for you burping fans. Don't drink this.

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  1. Great beer? No. Fun beer? Absolutely - especially when one hangs out with the Schaefer Racing Hall of Famers. We've had a tradition that began in 1992 of starting our weekend at NASCAR races we attend by pounding a Schaefer (or two or four). Only then is one allowed to begin drinking other, more premium brands. You can read about trivia, race adventures, and Schaefer Hall of Fame inductions at: Bench Racing with Schaefer