Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 Magazines for The Beer Aficianado


Plenty of beer enthusiasts are familiar with the BeerAdvocate website for its never-ending reviews of thousands upon thousands of beers and all the other beer-related info on the site, but many don't realizeBeerAdvocate also is available as a print magazine. Obviously each issue of the magazine can't contain the ton of beer reviews available at the online site, but there will be some reviews as well as information about beer culture and style. If you're interested in beer advocacy, this magazine is right for you.

Beer Magazine

The title says it all. It's a magazine. About beer. What more do you need to know? Beer Magazine, and its website, cover just about everything concerning beer, from craft brews to brewpubs, from Budweiser to Belgium lambics. It's all there. A few articles are quite indepth about the beer industry, but many are more casual and will let you know what you want about good beer, or for that matter about cheap beer.

American Brewer

American Brewer, The Business of Beer Winter 1994American Brewer comes out quarterly, and it's one of the most popular trade magazines for the professional brewing industry. For the most part this magazine's focus is upon the beer industry, so casual beer drinkers might not be too interested. But then again, maybe they will be. Here you can find lots of inside information about the companies that actually make your favorite brews, which is not bad information to have.

All About Beer

All About BeerNo offense is meant to any of the other fine magazines listed here, but this might be the best of all of them, or at least it's my favorite. All About Beer covers just about everything having to do with beer, from the brewing industry to homebrewing to distribution and everything between and above and beyond. If you can only read one beer magazine regularly, I have to suggest All About Beer. It really is "All" about beer.

Draft Magazine

News. Promotions. Reviews. Interviews. All related to beer. That's what you'll find in Draft Magazine, along with plenty of other information about beer. One feature of this magazine I really like is called "Beer Town;" each issue has an article focusing on one city and all about beer in that city. The "Beer Town" article is nice to peruse, but it's also great for planning vacations and trips. Yes, you can plan a vacation around beer. I've done it.

Brew Your Own

Brew Your OwnIf you're a homebrewer, this magazine is right up your alley. Here you can find all kinds of indepth tips about making your own beer at home, plus plenty of news about beer from the homebrewers' point of view. And if you happen to be one of those homebrewers always looking for new beer recipes to try, this is the place to look.


For a long time, this magazine was a sort of home for the late beer consultant Michael Jackson (no, not thatMichael Jackson), so Celebrator definitely has some credentials. Not only does Celebrator offer the usual news about beer and the beer industry, but it also has one of the best calendars around for upcoming beer events, festivals and the like. Celebrator also does an exceptional job of keeping up with regional brewpubs and breweries.


Zymurgy is the Journal of the American Homebrewers Association. If you are a homebrewer, you should probably check out this periodical. Some of the articles are about the beer industry, but most of it focuses upon the homebrewers, those working hard at having fun making their own brews in the kitchen, or the garage or the basement, etc. Also, if you're a homebrewer, you should consider joining the American HomebrewersAssociation. The worst that could happen is you learn a lot more about beer.

Modern Brewery Age

This bi-monthly magazine focuses on the brewing industry and the wholesale beer business. It's been around nearly 80 years, so the writers and editors must be doing something right. This magazine offers plenty of information, including interviews with top people in the beer industry, profiles of folks in the business, a job bank for the beer industry and much, much more. Even if you don't work in beer, you can learn a lot from this magazine. And who knows, but you might land a beer job once you are in the know.

Imbibe Magazine

ImbibeImbibe is about more than just beer. In this magazine you can also find information about wine, whiskey, bourbon and other alcohol drinks, as well as more than a few recipes. Beer snobs who want to find out about other drinks, or who already enjoy other drinks, can turn to Imbibe in print or online for all their basic informational needs.

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