Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saranac Adirondack Amber

Beer score: 6.9
Web site: Saranac
The initial flavor is what makes this beer, but unfortunately that flavor doesn't stay around too long. The initial taste is a strong, caramel (but not too sweet) flavor. The caramel hangs around a little while in the aftertaste, but not much. Thirty seconds after you take your last sip, you can't tell if you were drinking a Saranac or a Miller Lite. Still, an impressive beer. My score for this beer would be higher if that fine flavor lingered longer. Thanks to the fine people at Saranac who allowed me to use their logo on my old Web page, “Ty’s Page for Beer Snobs.” Also, for those of you with an interest, the Saranac beers were the first ones I ranked way back in December of 1997. And the quality of the Saranac brews has remained top-notch ever since.

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