Friday, June 4, 2010

Pete's ESP (Extra Smooth Pub) Lager

Beer score: 3.5
Web site: Pete's Wicked
It seems the folks at Pete's Wicked got tired of all the premium beer companies trying to take away their customers by making cheap versions of supposedly good beers (the Michelob series of flavored beers comes to mind). Well, here is Pete's revenge - this beer is supposed to be a cheap, watery lager to satisfy even non-beer snob's tastebuds. In other words, this beer is competition for Budweiser and Miller. This beer does what it promises and that's about it. There's too much fizz and the only taste is definitely cheap and watery with a touch of sweetness. Beer snobs have to try this beer at least once just to believe that the people at Pete's Brewing Co. would stoop so low. This beer doesn't rank so low because it's awful - it ranks so low because there's so little taste. But if this is your first Pete's Wicked beer, don't worry, they gut much, much better. Update: Apparently this beer is no longer being made, which is not surprising. In this day and age, don't even try to compete directly with Budweiser.

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