Sunday, June 20, 2010

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale

Beer score: 10.0
From Samuel Smith Old Brewery, Tadcaster, N. Yorks, England. The best beer on the planet, in my opinion. You've died and gone to heaven if you are drinking this stuff. Not the smoothest beer, but still pretty smooth. Without a doubt, the best-tasting pale ale ever, but not as strong as many pale ales. The flavor and texture make this beer so great. Very little sweetness here, but there is a hint of caramel bitter. As of this writing, in June of 2010, this is the only beer I've ranked that has a perfect score of 10.0


  1. 10 out of 10! Must be a great brew. To be honest I like the fact that you have given it a 10 as I feel most reviewers are somewhat fearful of giving high ratings. Mainly because they feel they have to be diplomatic to all beers.

    If you like the brew why not give it a perfect score.

    Great blog BTW.

    Beer Club

  2. Geoff, thanks for the post. And as you can tell, I'm usually not diplomatic. There are a lot of mediocre beers out there, and a good number that are okay, but I'll point out what I think are the worst and the best.